What about the wine?!

For some, it is the nectar of the Gods, others its the rarity, still others love its presence with any meal, and then there are those that think it "tastes like chicken."  Wherever you are on the wine spectrum, we welcome you!  Wine has been around for thousands of years and even been said to have medicinal benefits.

We'll help you out with a few wine pairing suggestions with some of our most popular items!

But what on earth does all that have to do with us?  We believe that having a wine list
that offers you a little something no matter where you land on the spectrum is important.  

So, whether you are a sommelier or a simple grape juice drinker, we thought we would
help you out with a few wine pairing suggestions with some of our most popular items.

For our Jidori chicken and sea food dishes like scallops, crispy skin salmon, chilliean sea
bass, etc. We have a fabulous selection of  Chardonnays, Pinot Noirs, Pinot Gris and
Sauvignon Blancs.

For our wonderful prime beef meats our wine selection will meet your pallet no matter
how sophisticated.

From a beautiful Sledge Hammer and Justin Cabs too more complex wines like
Quintessa and Tignellos.

Next time try our Dolce with your after dinner desert.

Called liquid gold or nectar of the gods it’s perfect complement to your desert choice.

It is a Nape that has the same properties of some fine French Sauternes.

Please come in and enjoy your next culinary experience with use.

We have great wines and food to match most budgets and tastes.

Looking forward to having you soon.


Ray Taccolini
One-Eleven Coastal